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The time has come for you to change your social media too.


Instagram and facebook have become the new "search engines" and showcases for our activities .

I'll be honest, there's a lot of work behind an account such as planning, strategy, creating quality photos that tell the story of your service or product, planning, posting, knowing what hashtag to use, interacting with potential customers, responding to messages or DM ..... BOOM! Obviously in all this also take care of our real job.


For those who only manage their accounts, the hours in front of the computer and in front of the mobile phone are many.

If you see that you spend hours on social media too, ask for help.

I'm here to help you take back those hours you might be dedicating to your job.


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Social Pack


A plan for three months made especially for

your business

to share on your social networks.


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what does it include?

Il primo passo è conoscere bene l’azienda e definire gli obiettivi da raggiungere. Segue un’attenta analisi dello stato dei social, della proposta di prodotti o servizi e dei punti di forza dell’attività. Dopo aver accumulato tutte le informazioni necessarie prepariamo le proposte per i contenuti e organizziamo la giornata dello shooting. Infine consegniamo al nostro cliente un calendario con tutte le foto e i testi per i post su Facebook e Instagram.

Cosa contiene il Social Pack 2.0?

  • Analysis of profile status on social networks

  • Social strategy

  • 3 POSTS per week

  • Stories section 

  • Personal counseling on the use of social networks (1 hour)

All photos and PDF with 12-week post schedule will be delivered to a shared folder on GOOGLE DRIVE.

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